Hello world!

May 18, 2009

I am ALF and I am an angry little fish.

You see, my creative owner has unhinged me from my cosy little tank and instead put me into an experimental environment in a bid to find my optimal habitat. Of course,  you, being the clever and understanding person that you are, know instantly that a tank and a stone bubble is all that I crave for.  Sadly, not so for my creative owner.

Here you will find me in all the various habitat that he has decided to put me into, and rest assured, I have not been harmed in all these events — and slowly, I have grown to like these challenges and even actually enjoy them. But I’m not showing any smiley face of approval just yet.

I guess I’ll continue my great act! I’ve always wanted to be an actor and I think I’ve acted pretty well. You don’t think so? Well then head down to the posts within these pages and judge for yourselves then.

Warning, not for the faint hearted.